This month completely blew by for me. To be candid my initial enthusiasm from January faded quickly. My self assessment of this past month helped me identify two key areas of improvement. Goal setting, and planning beyond just my budget. For March I will map out how I will pay extra on my student loans. I will write out a blog writing schedule, and what topics I will write on. I will continue with improving my meal plan, and write out a plan for my reading. With more focus in these areas partnered with staying on top of my budget next month will be more successful.

February was a difficult month on my budget. I regrettably didn’t plan for the extra days off of school for my kids, and overspent on eating out. Even despite a busy schedule this line item in my budget needs to be kept at a minimum to nonexistent. My total current balance left on my student loan is $80,467.47. I did make the minimum payment of $971, but didn’t get to accomplish my goal of getting out of the 80s. However, staying focused on my plan I will finally reach that goal in the month of March. Hopefully I’ll receive a decent tax refund, which will help me get even further. On March 1st I will have 21 months and 306 days until I’m completely debt free.

 Book of the Month: The Student Loan Scam

Savings Challenge of the Year: 52 Week Challenge ($36.01 saved so far for the challenge)