January 2017 Debt Report

This blog is about me conquering something I never thought could be possible anytime soon in my life. Paying off my student loan debt, this currently is projected to be paid off on 02/27/2027. Today on 01/02/2017 I currently owe eighty-two thousand five hundred and two dollars and fifty-one cents… yes $82,502.51!!! As I’m starting out this blog won’t be pretty. I’m not anywhere near a tech person, however my focus is conquering this elephant one bite at a time. I haven’t written my thoughts in so long please forgive all the grammatical errors. This journey is about leaving fear, shame, and lack of knowledge at the door. This journey is for my boys’ future and moving me closer to my dreams. The goal by the end of 2017 is to half the debt (~$41,252). I hope that this blog encourages you and pushes you to action on pursuing your dreams along with me. Below are the focuses for the month to get me closer to my dream. Feel free to email me with any questions or comments (loanfreestudent2016@gmail.com).

Book of the Month: The Comeback by Louie Giglio
Challenge of the Month: 52 Week Challenge