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On these hot summer days, it can be hard to find something to keep your active toddler occupied.

Here is a list of 5 fun activities to keep your toddler occupied! 🙂

1. Water fun outside!

Whether it is in a kiddie pool, playing in the sprinklers, or having a “tea party” with water, letting little one play outside in the water is a great way to escape the heat and keep them entertained for hours! Throw in a few pool toys, squishy toys {waterproof, of course}, or even some ice cubes and you have yourself some great sensory play, as well! Just be sure to apply lots of sunscreen 😉

2. Send them on an indoor scavenger hunt!

On those days that it’s too hot to even be outside in the water, you can create an indoor scavenger hunt for them. Even for the ones that can’t read clues yet, you can do picture clues. My little one loves the adventure in finding things. Start with a clue with a picture of one of their toys hidden {where they can find it} and then have that toy holding the next clue. You can also have them find different people in your house for the next clue or send them to the fridge to find the next clue. Be as creative as you want! You can make this game as short or long as you want. For the final thing that they need to find, have a “prize” or “surprise” waiting for them! The feeling of accomplishment and finishing a task will be a great boost for your little one! 🙂

3. Build a fort!

I’m sure that you remember building forts as a kid. Do you remember how much fun it was building it and then hanging out in it all afternoon? Well your kids would have just as much fun building their own fort! You can show them how to start it, and then let them finish building it. Turn it into a family event. Give them blankets and pillows to put inside, show them how to keep a part open to see the t.v., let them make popcorn and have a movie night together in the fort! You will be making memories that will last them a lifetime 🙂

4. Art time!

Depending on how much your kids like arts and crafts, this activity could keep your kids busy all day long! You can set up your table with crayons, markets, paint, and paper and let your kids go wild! {Use your judgment on what your kids like.} Give them a prompt like “draw or create mommy’s day” or “draw or create a superhero world”. I guarantee what they come up with in their huge imaginations will amaze you!

5. Obstacle Course

You can create an obstacle course in your house that consists of pillows, blocks, toys, chairs, etc. that they have to get over, under, around… Whatever you want, and whatever you are comfortable with, wear and tear wise, with your furniture. I know my little one LOVES to be climbing all over everything. This is a fun way to channel that energy. You can put rules on it, like you can’t touch a certain color on the ground, or you have to hop on one foot. You get the idea 😉 This will keep them engaged and entertain for hours!


6. Mix and Match

Depending on the age of your little one, you can create flash cards with upper case letters and lower case letters and have your kiddo match them. If that is too advanced for them, try matching shapes or colors. If letters is not challenging enough for them, have them match rhyming words or words that start with the same letter. If you need help creating these or templates, let me know!! 🙂 I’m glad to help!

Enjoy these activities and have fun with your little ones this summer!!! I would love to hear from you guys if you need more ideas or would like me to post some fun games {with rules and set up included} 🙂

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