Back by popular demand!!! You honestly couldn’t have told me two years ago that I would have paid back almost 40k in student loan debt. I could barely breathe month to month so the thought of even making consistent payments didn’t even seem possible. To think that time has passed and I’m on to my way to my ultimate goal of total student loan elimination.

This post is for the person who is thinking about starting but feels stuck. Maybe you’re struggling and can’t find any extra money to pay towards your monthly bills. Maybe you’ve never even done a budget before. Maybe you’re drowning in so much debt that you can’t even face it. Trust me that was me just 24 months ago, and whether or not you do anything, the time will pass anyway. Trust me no matter what your circumstances you can make a change TODAY. Yes, I mean exactly that, TODAY.

Today you can decide to learn one new thing about your finances. You can gain knowledge about your student loans. You can dream about what your life will be like when your debt is gone. You can find a side hustle. Those are just a few ideas, and the majority of those ideas are free. The choice is up to you, and YOU CAN DO IT!!!

One behavior that I’ve learned along the journey is forward thinking. For example, just because you’re getting out of debt and you get a lump sum of money, all of it shouldn’t always go completely towards debt. For example, if you don’t have an emergency fund without question one day an emergency will happen and could have the potential to set you back. If your employment is unstable it might make sense to stockpile the money until you know you’re good. Each situation is different and for me having the discipline to know when to spend versus when to save has been key.

Continue to follow the journey to me becoming a LOAN FREE STUDENT, and definitely feel free to share your journey with me.

Payments Made as of 04/17/18: $8,846.57
Student loan balance as of 04/07/18: $62,551.21
Money Repaid so far (Started 03/17/16): $39,573.98
Starting Balance (Starting on 03/17/16): $89,277.76
Interest Paid since 03/17/16: $12,847.43